How does the Truecaller Works?

Truecaller works even when there’s no internet on your device. After the caller was identified by Truecaller once, Truecaller will still identify the caller for you even without an internet connection. Copy a number anywhere on your mobile phone and Truecaller will quickly identify it for you.

Crowd Sourcing

Truecaller takes our contacts and send to their servers. Whenever you get a call from an unknown number, there are high chances that unknown number has been saved by a particular name by some other Truecaller users.

For Example

If I call you then my number is unknown to you. But my friends and relatives using Truecaller have saved my number by names like Ishan or any other. The most common name that is saved by people is flashed in the results. Caller ID will identify anyone calling you and identify unknown numbers in your call history and SMS inbox.


Truecaller takes the permission of the things listed below. It is taking the permission that it even doesn’t require. This is a Swedish app. Our data is going outside so this is a big privacy risk.

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