How many sensors are used in smartphones? How do they work?

Before we dive into the topic though you might want to check what all sensors your phone has using this app called sensor box for android.

1. Accelerometer Sensor

Accelerometer measures and keeps a track of the orientation of the device, for example, take a look at this app called pocket bubble level the app uses the accelerometer to figure out the orientation of the device you can see. when we tilt the phone the bubble level responds accordingly however it does not measure the rotation we come to that part later one great use of the accelerometer has been made in the latest android. This is sensor dependent can actually get these features for older phones as well there’s an app called smart wake which basically gives you raise to weight functionality on a phone running an older version of Android as well it’s really cool and the feature itself is quite handy.


2. Gyroscope SensorGyroscope is the sensor that keeps a track of how the device is being rotated for example if the phone is kept upright and rotated for example if the phone is kept upright & rotated the accelerometer will not notice any change because the phone is still in the same orientation however the gyroscope will be able to know that the phone is rotated and to what extent this property of a gyroscope is what used in VR apps and 360-degree videos.


3. Proximity Sensor

Taking a look at the Proximity Sensor first it basically detects when something gets close enough to the front of your android device how it works is by emitting IR beam detecting changes in the return signal it is commonly only used to turn the screen off when you answer a call to save battery life and to prevent accidental screen touches from the check but they have been some really imaginative uses of the sensor, for example, there’s an app called wave control that uses the proximity sensor to allow you to control media playback on your phone you look really cool using this.

4. Magnetometer Sensor

A magnetometer is one Sensor that most of us probably don’t even realize exists in our phones that’s probably because it’s not as permanent as the proximity sensor and its applications are not as widely
used or observed either but it is capable of detect changes in the field and even quality the intensity of the magnetic field near the device.


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