Most useful websites for daily life

  1. – The best place to find out icons of all sizes.

2. – Scan any file, url or email attachment for viruses.

3. accountkiller – Accountkiller can easily remove your personal profile account from any popular sites including FB, Windows, Google and Twitter etc.

4. – Create freehand doodles web-based tool that uses machine learning to turn your hamfisted doodling into art.

5. – Habitica is an app & website that improves good habits in a gaming manner.

6. – Get step by step answer & explanation to every homework questions without any efforts on.

7. – Upload an image and find similar photos from around the web.

8. – LibraryGenesis is a completely free library of almost every textbook and college manual known to man.

9. – Create your own comic strips with your own characters for educators, students, parents, business and move them into any pose.

10. – Copy special characters and emojis that aren’t on your keyboard from the website.

11. basicknowledge101 – Complete journal of articles consisting of all kinds of subjects on a basic level.

12. pdfescape – You can quickly edit PDF in the browser without any other software.

13. – Provides brain mapping tool to create graphs and logical diagram.

14. sponsorblock – SponsorBlock is a free chrome/firefox extension that automatically skips in-video sponsorships on youtube.

15. mega – Mega is simple secure cloud storage which gives you 50GB of free storage after you create an account.

16. – provide subdomain and free web hosting.

17. – You can use as a notebook for your online courses.

18. – Lets write a letter send to yourself in the future.

19. – Free and simple fully responsive landing page, portfolio sites for pretty much anything.

20. – Everything you wanted to know about a website.

21. – Edit and print any web pages without the clutter.

22. – Find out what websites are built and identify the technology behind websites.

23. – Check the trust level of any website.

24. – Share your screen with anyone over the web.

25. – free and simple file sharing really big files transfer online with no registration.

26. – Check your writing for spelling or grammatical errors.

27. – Easily highlight the important parts of a web page.

28. pixlr – Pixlr is a free online photo editor used without download in your browser.

29. – Planning an event and find a date that works for all.

30. – You can connect with others who are suffering from the same disease or condition as yourself and take action to improve their outcomes.

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