The Success behind Facebook

Divya Narendra is the real founder of Facebook
If somebody will ask you the name of the founder of Facebook, then no wonder you will take the name of  Mark Zuckerberg. 99% of Facebook users take the name of Mark Zuckerberg. This shows that people are not aware of the reality that the real founder of Facebook is an Indian.
Let’s find out more about this Indian so that next time you take the correct name 34 years old Divya Narendra’s parents shifted to the USA before his birth on the 18th of March, 1982. So, Divya parents want him to become a doctor like them, but Divya was dreaming of becoming an Entrepreneur. He wanted to do something different and unprecedented from the begin and because of his hard work, he completed his dream and become the founder of Facebook. But somehow he becomes another victim by the strategy of the people who used his invention by their name. This is the reason why Mark Zuckerberg become as famous as the founder of Facebook. But the reality is that Facebook was born during the invention of “Harvard Connection Social Site”. Divya was working on it for a very long time. Mark Zuckerberg was only included in this project as an adviser but Zuckerberg soon hijacked this project. After that, he registered its domain in his own name. Mark Zuckerberg was fined.
It becomes clear in the court that Divya Narendra was the real founder of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg was fined for doing this fraud. He was fined around $65 million but Divya was not happy with this amount. He said that he didn’t get the fair amount according to the shares prices of Facebook in the market at that time. However, after this incident, it becomes quite clear that Facebook founder was not Mark Zuckerberg but Divya Narendra. So from now on, do take the name of the real founder “Divya Narendra”.
However, on the other side, I feel that “thought is nobody’s monopoly. I’m proud that the idea of connecting people first came to an Indian(Divya) who wanted to build up the website with the Winklevoss twins. They approached Mark with their idea. Mark imagined that he could make such a website for himself. Is that wrong? What’s wrong is that he gave an impression that he would be interested in their project and delayed the making, in the meanwhile he made Facebook.”

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