What is the future of 5G technology?

Artificial Intelligence and data

That’s, putting transformative AI, machine learning and other dataset-based technologies to the best possible use to achieve both economic and social goals.


There will be a huge scope of gaming in 5G speed. There will be no lag with very less ping. You can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with 5G.

Self Driving

There will be a huge improvement in self-driven cars, drones, etc. The vehicles will be able to communicate with other cars and signals, street lights, etc.


IoT devices like Alexa, Google Home, Smart lights, etc will communicate faster. This will be the real IoT experience which help to build smart cities.

Cloud Computing

The internet isn’t just the conduit for content, but the facilitator of connectivity in wide-area networks (WAN). 5G wireless offers the potential for distributed cloud computing services much closer to users than most of Amazon, Google, or Microsoft hyper-scale data centres.


High speed internet will be very useful in surgeries especially when the doctors from one country wants to operate surgery with another country doctors. The communication will be super fast and accurate.


Speed depends upon various factors like number of users, bandwidth, etc. It is estimated that 5G in India is said to be 100 times faster than 4G. It will be 10 GB per sec. This may vary from place to place.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

For a cloud-based server to provide a believable, real-time sensory environment to a wireless user, as mobile processor maker Qualcomm declare the connection between that server and its user may need to supply as much as 5 gigabits per second of bandwidth.

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