What is Fusion JS by Uber?

Sure that you haven’t heard about Node.js, Electron.js, React, Angular.js, and a lot more example of the JavaScript framework and library, think again.
You guys have absolutely heard about the JS that is JavaScript this is currently the hottest topic in the market right now. If you are thinking that you do not know about it, let us give you some examples through which you will definitely know what is being discussed here.
Everyone wants to get into the race that is crawling all over. Uber technologies also came up with its own version of JavaScript. Yes, the mobile app company that provides you with the ride on your doorstep with just a tap on the phone.
Uber technology is also one of the very good software builders. It’s not just that they code anytime once in a month or so and make so many stuff for their app, a process keeps going on in the backend too.
They are doing a lot of work and trying to solve a lot of problems too, like take an example of the Uber pool, it’s the live example for the travelling salesman problem in computer science. They are working on a lot of things as it is not easy to build and maintain a large platform just on the basis of an application.
Let’s now understand the point of Uber in the market of JS. Maybe, they were working on some javascript framework like on react or something else and it has become very hard to maintain and manage that framework, So they relieved a framework of their own, as Fusion JS to open source, so that the people take interest in it, start to make their projects in it and eventually make it a better platform to work on.
But what could be the reason for the failure of this framework? Maybe it is their reputation that it is only an app. Of course, they make a lot of other web applications and other things for their internal functioning but people do not know about it much. That is why not much people are bothering about it.
If we try to look into the coding part of the Fusion JS, it can be easily noticed that their code is the exact copy of the react or the react-native, all the code is taken line by line keeping all the necessary part and removing all the extra lines or the unnecessary part.

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